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  • Uniform is the one essential extra!


Heritage seeks to be an affordable private school and to keep costs other than fees to a minimum, but uniform is the one essential extra. Uniform items are sourced either from John Lewis or our uniform shop. Up to date uniform item lists and order forms are available using the links below.

The uniform shop is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:25-9.00am and is located near the back door of the main entrance hall down the stairs.

If these times are not convenient you can email Mrs Hulett to arrange another appointment or email her your order using uniform@heritageschool.org.uk and she will arrange a collection point.

Blazers are required for Year 3 and up. We expect them to be worn every day, including as pupils travel to and from school. Kukri sports kit, which is required for pupils in Year 5 and up, has a long lead time and is ordered two or three times a year with the main order being in April for the following September.

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