A Christmas Carol by Year 7

Year 7 did a tremendous job last week in their performance of ‘A Christmas Carol’, putting everybody into the Christmas spirit. Every pupil took part and various staff members came together to help make it an enjoyable and successful production. Many thanks to all involved. (Mrs Strachan)

‘Tense and full of adrenaline, I sat on the edge of my seat, my fingers nervously tapping the sides. I was about to go on stage and I had the butterflies. A million worries flew around my head, too fast to count.

“Ok, you’re on now.” said Mrs Strachan in a stressed whisper. I adjusted my shawl, straightened my skirt, and then I was out on stage.

“Money for the poor, ” I cried as I walked up to the stage. For one terrible, heart-stopping moment, I couldn’t remember my lines, then as the blinding spotlights fell upon me, it all came back. I went through my part without a moment’s hesitation, and I was loving it. Afterwards, I knew I had done my best and I was pleased and proud. Everything else went down in a colourful blur.’  (Madeleine S)