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  • We aim for academic excellence
    in a way that avoids undue pressure
    and promotes balance


At Heritage our curriculum is ambitious and we aim for academic excellence, but we do so in a way that seeks to avoid undue pressure and that promotes balance. Unstructured time for play or time for musical or community activities all have their place in a healthy childhood. This matters because we are as interested in a child’s attitude to learning as we are in his or her academic achievement. Too much intensity too soon can have the opposite of the desired effect.

In the early years we keep homework to a minimum, focusing almost exclusively upon reading skills.

As children mature, a modest amount of homework helps build independent study skills and involves parents in the learning process. The main focus is on essential skills in Maths and English. By Year 5 pupils are expected to have an hour and 25 minutes of homework per week, and an hour and 45 minutes per week in Year 6. This includes Latin and French homework as well. In the Senior School, expectations step up again with around 36 minutes of homework per night in Year 7, and 45 minutes per night in Year 8.

One feature of our Senior School timetable is that we allocate one to three 45 minute periods each week for supervised independent study from Years 9-11. Together with homework, these periods help encourage pupils to develop their capacity for self-education and effective self-management, qualities that distinguish excellent A-level and university students from average ones. It also helps balance the homework load at the end of the day. Our assumption is that most pupils in Years 9-11 will study 10 subjects, leaving three 45-minute independent studies per week in which to complete homework tasks.

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