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ISI Inspection Report Now Available: Celebrating Success at Heritage

We are pleased to share our recently finalised report.

A Fun-Filled Camp for Year 4

Year 4 pupils enjoyed their first overnight camp at Heritage.

Exciting Adventures at Years 5 & 6 Camp in the Norfolk Broads

Outdoor activities were in abundance.

HCA Summer Soirée Set for 29 June

Be sure to book a spot for this enchanting evening.
Heritage Years 7 and 8 pupils enjoyed a weeklong camp in the Peak District.

Years 7 & 8 Camp in the Peak District

This year's camp was an absolute adventure.

Year 5 Deliver Lots of Laughs with ‘Robin Hood and the Sherwood Hoodies’

Year 5 delivered a comedic version of the classic story of Robin Hood.

Support the Amazing Grace School Playground Fundraiser

The latest fundraiser for Amazing Grace is aimed at providing a much-needed playground to give the children a safe and stimulating play environment.

Taking in History and Natural Beauty in the Bay of Naples

Pupils set off on an experience filled with cultural discovery

Heritage Infants Collaborate to Produce Winning Stories

Our youngest classes created original tales as part of the ISA Young Storytellers Competition
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