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‘In adopting many of the principles of a leading female Victorian educationalist The Heritage School is going back to the future. Its educational philosophy provides a brilliant preparation for modern life whilst utilising all that we can learn from the past.’

Martin Stephen – author and former Headmaster of The Perse School Cambridge, High Master of Manchester Grammar School and High Master of St Paul’s School London described as “one of Britain’s highest profile heads.”  

‘As a small school, Heritage delivers a personalised education to every child. This is no cookie cutter education but one where all are treated as individuals. It is one of the most authentically values driven schools that I had ever visited or worked in. Kindness and care ripple along every corridor and are present in every classroom and interaction. All are treated with respect and are heard. Driven by a rigorous analysis and application of the work of 19th century educator Charlotte Mason, the school offers a rich, knowledge-based curriculum that develops thinking, memory and oracy skills. Heritage protects its students from the worst ravages of modern life, but at the same time fully prepares them with the skills to face a complex world. It is a rare gem of a school.’

David Mansfield has led four different schools, most recently the Chinese international school in Shanghai, YK Pao School and before that Dulwich School Beijing. He has also been Director of Cambridge Assessment., and is now CEO and Dean of Buckingham International School of Education and the Senior Advisor to Pao School. 

‘The Fletchers have created a deeply impressive and thoughtful syllabus for their pupils, richly steeped in art, poetry, Latin, music, God and nature. They teach their pupils to think, appreciate, imagine and wonder in a profound manner. It is the kind of education needed more than ever in this fast and furious world. Somehow they have clothed the intellectual rigour in gentleness so the children are serene, curious and happily stimulated rather than pushed, anxious and stressed. The education offered at the Heritage School seems to me to be the opposite of the shallow, frenetic, tech-heavy fare meted out in so many other schools. The school is a true gem and, when we realise the neurological damage which digital learning is doing to our children, I believe the Heritage methodology will become the norm rather than the outlier. The Fletchers may herald the best of tradition but they are in fact progressives, in the best sense of the word.’

Lady Sophie Windsor/Sophie Winkleman – actress and campaigner for limiting screens for young people in education and more broadly in society.

“The calm and caring atmosphere is apparent the moment you enter the school and see pupils going about their day with focus and passion. I got a real sense of how teachers encourage both intellectual and spiritual development, something that is so important given the world today.’

Mark Lehain – Head of Education at the CPS (Centre for Policy Studies). Prior to this he was a Special Adviser at the Department for Education. He set up and was Principal of Bedford Free School between 2012 and 2017, and since then has run Parents & Teachers for Excellence, the New Schools Network, and the Campaign for Common Sense.

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