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Computers are remarkable tools of unparalleled efficiency and we want our students to understand what goes on beneath the surface. We want them to learn how computers work in addition to learning how to use them.

Heritage Pupils in Years 6-8 complete a three year computing course that progressively develops their understanding of coding. Using Raspberry Pi computers and Chromebooks, pupils learn how to create new environments such as animations and games.

They learn about the different components of code, such as repeat loops, IF statements and functions, and how to write in the Python coding language. Furthermore, the development of typing proficiency is threaded throughout Years 6-8.

In Years 9-11, pupils have the opportunity to study the Computer Science IGCSE as an after-school course.  This covers both theory and programming, with topics that include computer architecture, memory, logic circuits, security and ethics, pseudocode and data structures. The IGCSE syllabus we follow is: Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science (9-1) (0984).

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