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  • We consider our size intrinsic
    to who we are and to our vision.

Our Size

Classes in the Infant School do not exceed 16 pupils. In the upper Junior School and the Senior School classes do not exceed 18 pupils. In total, we can serve approximately 200 pupils, with one class in each year group.

We consider the size of Heritage School intrinsic to who we are and to our vision, and to our capacity to maintain an alternative learning culture. Our relatively small size as a whole and our small classes mean every individual is noticed, every child belongs. No child is labelled or lost in the crowd.

Small classes enable us to deliver an education highly responsive to individual needs. Pupils receive more immediate and tailored feedback on their progress than is possible in large classes. This makes the learning experience more rewarding both for teachers and pupils.

Behaviour in small classes is more easily managed, enabling a more efficient use of time. Teachers can focus, with far fewer interruptions, upon teaching, and pupils upon learning. Such conditions make it possible for pupils to concentrate effectively upon their work, thus nurturing one of the most important skills a learner can possess, the habit of attention (see ‘Our Vision’). These conditions also make it possible for us to cover more ground. In the Infant and Junior Schools our lessons are relatively short, and we aim to keep the pace up. Such intellectual stimulation is central to making the learning experience enjoyable. In larger, noisier classes, where the pace moves more slowly, too many pupils are under-stimulated and too much time is wasted.

Small classes also mean we are uniquely well placed to provide effective pastoral care. Because teachers know their pupils so well, they are more closely aware of the relational dynamics between pupils and can more readily intervene if difficulties arise. Communications from parents, about pastoral or academic issues, are responded to rapidly.

Latest News

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Bravo to Year 6 for their excellent performances in A Misummer Night's Dream.

Upper Prep’s Trip Through History

Upper Prep pupils took us on a whirlwind tour of their History lessons during this class assembly.

Year 8 Delights Audience with Performance of The Tempest

Year 8 gave a brilliant performance of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Year 4 Class Assembly: Lessons in Perseverance

During their class assembly this Monday, Year 4 pupils talked about perseverance—that very important character trait that helps us keep trying at something even when things are difficult.

Pupils Experience History Firsthand During WWI Battlefields Trip

Pupils in Years 9-11 traveled to northern France and Belgium to immerse themselves in World War I history and practice their French language skills
In a recent assembly, Seniors heard from Mr Barry Griffiths, Community Engagement Officer for Jimmy’s Cambridge

Seniors Hear About Homelessness

In a recent assembly, Seniors heard from Mr Barry Griffiths, Community Engagement Officer for Jimmy’s Cambridge

Magazine Article Praises Heritage for Careful Use of Technology

In an article in the Spectator Magazine, Heritage is put forward as a positive example of a school using technology in moderation.

Excellent 2023 Exam Results for Heritage Pupils

We are pleased to announce our GCSE exam results for 2023

Alumna’s Art is Inspired by Nature

Heritage alumna Chloe Chapman's latest work was recently included in Grad Fest, an art show consisting of work done by graduates of Norwich University of the Arts.
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