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  • Heritage encourages pupils to form their own reasoned convictions, wherever this leads them.

Our Ethos

Every culture has a gravitational centre, a set of ideas and values which provide inspiration and direction, and which bring coherence to the whole. The Christian faith has provided such a centre-point for millions of people over thousands of years, as well as for many outstanding institutions and even whole societies, and it anchors the work of Heritage School.

It shapes our understanding of the human person, including the high value we place upon each person, and of healthy human development. It means we resist reductionism. It encourages us to place the highest priority upon considerate relationships and to work for a culture marked by kindness.

It also offers plausible answers to the big questions of human existence, which children are generally very ready to explore. Amongst staff, Christian faith provides inspiration for our task and a shared purpose.

How does this impact the curriculum? In two ways. First, Christian beliefs and values are explored in assemblies, Christian hymns are sung and we finish with a corporate prayer. Second, short Bible readings feature in the curriculum, with a particular focus upon the most well-known stories. We think all students should be aware of the contents of the Bible given its far reaching historical and cultural significance.

Heritage encourages pupils to form their own reasoned convictions, wherever this leads them. Our deep respect for the child as a person, and our commitment to the principle of self-education, means we reject any form of manipulation. Heritage warmly welcomes children from all backgrounds.

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