2016 IGCSE Results

leavers in hoodies

We were very encouraged by our first full set of IGCSE results this Summer. Our Year 11 leavers have done exceptionally well, with 70% of all exams taken being awarded A* or A. We want to congratulate our pupils and our dedicated staff for all of their hard work.

19 pupils sat IGCSEs in 17 subjects. (Pupils ordinarily take 10 subjects.) Only 2 subjects – Latin and RS, follow GCSE syllabuses; all other subjects follow IGCSE syllabuses. 197 exams were taken overall.

100% of pupils obtained at least five A*-C grades including English, Maths, a Science and a Language.
70% of all exams taken were awarded A* or A
90% of all exams taken were awarded A*, A or B
6 of 19 pupils were awarded 10 or more A* or A grades.
3 of 19 pupils were awarded 10 A* grades.

All pupils enjoyed significant personal achievements and achieved at least 2 A* or A grades.

Jason Fletcher, the Headmaster said of the pupil’s performance:

“We are very encouraged by today’s results. Our first leavers have done exceptionally well. We have sought to create a learning culture that takes the long view, where we do not focus upon results as our primary objective, but where we focus, rather, upon robust intellectual development for its own sake and upon other facets of personal development. We are not surprised that a healthy school culture nurtures strong academic performance. Today’s results are further evidence that our priorities are in the right place.”

Of our 19 Leavers, 11 are going to Hills Road, 2 to Comberton Sixth Form, 2 to the Stephen Perse Sixth Form, 2 to the Netherhall School Sixth Form, and 1 to the Perse School Sixth Form. One is not attending a sixth form in Cambridge and will pursue further education in the USA next year.