A Contemporary Romeo & Juliet

Earlier this month, Panton Hall became a graffiti-adorned urban landscape. Year 7, inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s contemporary film version, decided to perform their own reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s story of love against the odds. Verona and Mantua became London and Cambridge, the plague became the unfortunately topical Coronavirus, and swords became daggers. However, the timeless themes of love and hate easily transferred to their new backdrop, startling us, again, with their relevance down the centuries.

There were many opportunities to contribute creatively. The class created their own dramatic masks, and some contributed to the choreography of the masked ball’s dance. Tristan B was also invaluable in his work as lighting assistant.

There were some excellent performances-the fiery, pugnacious Tybalt (Emilie L), the garrulous Lord Capulet (Francesco B) and of course, the young couple Romeo (Jacob P) and Juliet (Connie M) amongst others. As every performer knows, though, every production is a team event, and each and every member of the cast played a part in the show’s success. Congratulations to all.

Mrs Dingley