A Day in Parliament

Year 9 visited the Houses of Parliament yesterday. On the way, they stopped to admire the statue of Millicent Fawcett recently unveiled in Parliament Square.  Dame Millicent was a leading Suffragist,  co-founder of Newnham College and a lifelong campaigner for women’s education and equal citizenship.  She was also formerly a resident of no. 18 Brookside, Cambridge – where Heritage Infants and Junior School is now situated!
The group then went into the Houses of Parliament, saw the House of Lords and arrived into the viewing gallery of the House of Commons just after the end of Prime Minister’s Question Time. They saw Jeremy Hunt give a statement of apology for screening errors – some of the day’s headline news – and Daniel Zeichner MP for Cambridge generously answered questions from pupils for about 30 minutes.   They also saw ‘New Dawn’, an artwork situated in Westminster Hall, celebrating all those who campaigned for women’s votes.img_0736