A Dramatic Production of ‘The Tempest’

Many congratulations to Y8 on their dramatic retelling of ‘The Tempest’.  Regarded as Shakespeare’s farewell to the theatre, it was noted that this would be Mr Stokes last production with Y8.  However, they did him proud, with notable performances by the comic duo Trinculo and Stephano, and  the brooding character of Caliban – should we laugh at him, hate him or pity him? Our female Prospero was striking in her stage presence (the programme notes drew our attention to similarities shared by the adaptations Margaret Thatcher made, in presenting herself as the first female Prime Minister of this country!) Ariel was flighty and truly an airy Spirit, and the chorus and the group of Lords did a great job to.

Many thanks to all those who have supported the development of the production over the last few months. To parents – for their help with line-learning and costumes, to staff – with their help on the night and to the children – for their commitment, talent and enthusiasm!