A Musical Start to the Week

This Monday, Infants and Juniors enjoyed some excellent musical performances by their classmates during the end of term Recital Assembly. Fourteen pupils played and sang the pieces they have been practicing on strings, woodwinds, voice and piano. The young musicians who participated represent just a fraction of the many at Heritage who are learning to play a musical instrument, either with our peripatetic music teachers or with outside lessons. 

As Mr Fletcher noted during the assembly, reading books and learning to play a musical instrument are two of the most valuable things that children can do from a young age. In fact, as outlined in this article from Tes magazine, ‘According to a growing body of scientific evidence, learning to play music, or learning to sing, is uniquely beneficial to students’ academic lives. Not only does it improve academic performance, but music learning also changes the brain and makes learning easier.’ Well done to all of the pupils who took part in the assembly, and to those who are taking the time to study and learn music. Keep up the good work!