A Nativity Concert, Together but Apart

Although unable to gather together as normal for our annual Christmas Concert and Nativity, Heritage families were able to join each other virtually to view a pre-recorded version of the concert during a live Zoom session. Infants acted out the nativity story, with the Head Boy and Head Girl giving the Bible readings. Each class performed a Christmas song.

Nearly 200 families attended the event, which was hosted by Mr Fletcher. Some of our parents shared their thoughts:

The infants’ nativity play was wonderful 𐆑 beautifully acted and adorable costumes!  It was really inspiring to hear the carol singing.  The teachers had obviously done a great job of preparing them so well.
-Rosie Gathercole, Mother of Freddie (Y10)

What a lovely opportunity to see the whole school contributing towards a creative and musical telling of the Christmas story. We enjoyed every moment of the performance.
-Douglas and Katherine Leckie, parents of Eloise and Rose (UP), Arthur (Y3) and Eva (Y5)

Wow, what an evening.  After a term of keeping carefully distant it was such a joy to ‘enter’ school and see the children 𐆑 from the youngest baa-ing sheep to the oldest singers and beat-boxers, all playing their part. It was so special to see screens of children, teachers and grandparents, and together to celebrate making it through this term, our amazing school, and the birth of Jesus.
-Cat Meakin, mother of Benji (Y4) and Izzy (Y6)