An Inspirational Leavers Service

On a very sunny Saturday at the end of June 2018, Heritage School gathered together at Panton Hall with a wonderful cohort of eighteen Y11 pupils, their families, friends and teachers, to celebrate finishing one chapter of their education and to encourage and envision them as they step into the next stage of their lives.
Headgirl, Rachel Stratfold, gave a heartfelt and moving address of her time at Heritage, appreciating the many ways in which she felt she had grown and matured in her studies and as a person. Headboy, Arjun Sanghera in his winsome and thoughtful speech, had the gathered audience ‘eating out of his hand’. Both paid tributes to their peers in a generous and delightful way.
Mr and Mrs Fletcher gave tributes to each of the graduating pupils and their teachers and after a rousing rendition of the song ‘You Raise me Up’ by the Leavers, Mr Fletcher finished with a talk. He presented a picture of life as a journey and the need for a ‘map’ or world view to help negotiate the many directions and narratives that could confront, confuse and knock them off course in trying to pursue ‘the good life’. In this context he commended the Christian world view as leading to a rich, ethical and flourishing life.
A wonderful tea back in the school playground, with pupils, parents and grandparents, teachers and some 2016 graduates and new prefect team serving the refreshments and array of delicious cakes, gave a happy opportunity for all to mingle.
The evening finished with a meal and dance in Panton Hall, the Leavers dressed to impress and ready to take their place in the world! Mr Fletcher too, was nattily dressed in black tie for rounds of roulette and blackjack while Mr Appleyard demonstrated his out-of-school persona as an awesome DJ!
Congratulations and every success to all for the future.