ISI Inspection Report Now Available: Celebrating Success at Heritage

We are pleased to share our recently finalised ISI inspection report, further to our inspection in late April. Not only did the school meet the expected standard in all areas, but the inspectors provided a significant amount of excellent feedback. Mr Fletcher writes, ‘We were encouraged by the way that the inspectors engaged with our values and approach, and we are particularly grateful for how the lead inspector has captured so many important themes in his report.’ You can read it for yourself on our website.

A Fun-Filled Camp for Year 4

During the second weekend after the May half-term, Year 4 pupils enjoyed their first overnight camp at Heritage, close to home in Comberton. Mr Fletcher and Mrs Eldridge stayed overnight, with Mr Wright helping out on Friday evening. The camp aimed to prepare students for longer camping trips in Years 5-11 while ensuring they had a lot of fun.

The activities included fire lighting and whittling, and the group cooked their evening meal over an open fire, complete with roasted marshmallows. The pupils had an amazing time, making memories and building skills for future camps.

Exciting Adventures at Years 5 & 6 Camp in the Norfolk Broads

This year’s camp for Heritage Year 5 and 6 pupils was a memorable outdoor adventure set against the beautiful backdrop of the Norfolk Broads. Led by Mr Fox and supported by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers, the three-day camp was filled with outdoor activities, team-building exercises, and plenty of fun. Activities included paddleboarding down the serene River Bure, testing limits with climbing challenges, sailing on Barton Broad, a geocaching treasure hunt, and building shelters in the wild. As the sun set, everyone gathered for a hearty dinner before engaging in an epic game of capture the flag, wrapping up the day with hot chocolate around the campfire.

The pupils were expertly cared for by a team including Mrs Watkins, Mr Campbell, Mr Dalton, Miss Innes, Mrs Bracegirdle, Mr Bonsor-Matthews, Mr Romans, and Mr Smye. Their combined efforts ensured a safe, enjoyable, and educational experience for all the campers. This year’s camp left pupils with new skills, strengthened friendships, and a deeper appreciation for the great outdoors. 

HCA Summer Soirée Set for 29 June

The HCA Summer Soirée promises an enchanting evening with fabulous company by the River Cam. The event kicks off in Chesterton at 7:30pm on 29 June with a welcome drink on the front lawn, followed by dinner at 8:30pm. Guests will enjoy music, dancing, lawn games, professional photography, and a silent auction. The highlight of the night will be a spectacular firework display at 10:00pm

Tickets are limited, so book now to secure your spot for what’s sure to be a memorable event with members of our wonderful community. Dress to impress and prepare to create memories!

Heritage Years 7 and 8 pupils enjoyed a weeklong camp in the Peak District.

Years 7 & 8 Camp in the Peak District

Years 7 & 8 pupils had an unforgettable experience at camp in the Peak District last week. Blessed with beautiful weather, the campers explored a viaduct and river valley, scrambled through limestone caves, tested their biking skills on a pump track, and cycled the picturesque Monsall Head trail. A highlight was the spectacular hike along Edale’s ridge on the final full day of camp. Evenings featured delicious dinners prepared by Mrs Bruins, games of capture the flag and, on the final evening, time around a campfire. Thanks to the dedicated staff: Mr Fox, Mr Burden, Mrs Eastwood, Mrs Scarlata, Miss Innes, and the wonderful volunteers: Rachel Bruins, Ruth Bruins, and Vladimir Artamanovs, each of whom made this year’s camp a great success.