Dickens would have been delighted …

On Wednesday night, Year 8 performed Dickens’ much loved story ‘Little Dorrit’. In a creative adaptation of the complicated Victorian plot, Mr Stokes and his troupe of players (with considerable scripts to learn) presented the audience with a vivacious and enthusiastic telling of the tale. The twists and turns of the lives of a marvellous range of characters were portrayed well as they coped with the fate, fortune and failures of Victorian society.

Although Mr Stokes confessed to taking a few liberties with the plot and characters, the themes of the story were strongly portrayed – themes that still resonate in our contemporary world today. These include, money or the lack of it and the consequent snobbery or despair of poverty; the realities of loss and regret; selfishness and greed; and the enduring theme of hope in love and in friendship and in overcoming adversity. Mr Dickens would have been delighted to be there!