Isabelle Taylor

Isabelle was in our Class of 2016 Leavers.

After leaving Heritage I studied Art, Physics and Maths at Hills Road. For an extended sixth form project, I  co-hosted a fashion show with support from Sir Bruce Oldfield, which raised £700 for the children’s charity Barnardos. 

After sixth form, I went on to do a foundation diploma in fashion design at Central Saint Martins College of Art in London, followed by a direct entry into the second year of fashion design at Edinburgh College of Art. I am currently in my third year there, with one year left until I graduate. I have been encouraged by the positive working environment and excellent experiences I’ve had, including a fashion show at the Scottish Parliament and an opportunity to work with brands such as Kate Spade and Mackintosh UK. 

Looking toward the future, I am excited about an upcoming short-term assignment at Christopher Kane, as well as a five-week men’s pattern cutting and drafting course at Savile Row this summer. For my final year collection I’m hoping to produce the garments I design there from fish skin leather — a byproduct from fish processing. After graduation I’d like to take a year to travel and gain internship experience. I would also like to pursue a graduate degree in London, and ultimately hope to design my own line or start my own business.

 Heritage taught me to love learning for its own sake, and today I am driven by the energy of creating beautiful things rather than academic achievement alone. I also made friends for life at Heritage, and value the incredible support system that  has helped me through some very challenging times and encouraged me to pursue my goals. Having such strong relationships in my life makes me feel like anything is possible.