Heritage’s First French Exchange Programme

During February half-term  a group of 12 Year 9 and 10 pupils set out for Dax ( a medium-sized spa town near the Spanish border) accompanied by Mme Haddow and Mme Smith. This is the first time that Heritage has run a language exchange, but pupils and staff alike were charmed by the warmth and hospitality of their host families.

Careful groundwork had been laid and pupils had had the opportunity to email and even skype their prospective exchange partners. As a result, they felt that they knew them fairly well before they left England. Nonetheless, courage was required as we emerged into the arrivals hall of Bordeaux airport!

The weather was beautiful throughout our stay and the French families made a huge effort for our pupils, who amongst other things, visited Spain, went skiing and spent time at the beach, for the area offered an abundant supply of all three. Strong friendships were developed and all pupils would say that their language skills had come on by leaps and bounds.

We are looking forward to the return visit at the end of May.