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Inspection Reports

In December 2016, Heritage School became a member of the Independent Schools Association (ISA) and has since been inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

Attached is their first Complicance (only) Inspection (as opposed to a full Educational Quality and Compliance Inspection) together with a letter from the Headmaster regarding the findings and actions by the school following the inspection.

Ofsted’s most recent full Inspection Report of 2012 summarised the following:

‘Heritage School provides a good education for its pupils and meets its aims extremely well…. The curriculum and other activities match the ability range and interests of the pupils well. They clearly enjoy their education and make good progress because of effective teaching and thorough assessment. Provision for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding; behaviour is exceptional and pupils leave the school as confident, articulate, well-rounded young people.

The school has robust arrangements for safeguarding pupils and provision for their welfare, health and safety is outstanding; parents value highly the care provided and the attention given to promoting pupils’ well-being and enjoyment of school.’

Ofsted Report 2012
ISI Report January 2018
ISI Monitoring Inspection Report March 2018

ISI Monitoring Inspection Report November 2018
ISI Report February 2020
ISI Monitoring Inspection Report May 2021

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