Magic was in the Air!

Magic was in the air as Year 6 entertained and surprised us in equal measure, with their outstanding performance of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ on the final night of term.

Puck, a mistress of magic and muddles, made us perpetually laugh with delight as she flitted her way through the play, accompanied by Megan’s fabulous solo of “Puck Magic.” Well done to Abigail, who interpreted her part so beautifully. Bottom, played by Padraig, was hilarious. He delivered his lines eloquently and with just the right amount of ‘pantomime,’ that would have delighted Shakespeare and his audience.

The four lovers were well played by Adelaide, Madeleine, Max and Edmund. They had a phenomenal amount of lines to learn, yet every line was delivered with perfection. The stroppy scene between Helena and Hermia, with additions from Lysander and Demetrius, was particularly memorable as insults were hurled across the stage with panache! Titania (Emma) also did a great job of being pretty furious with Oberon, accompanied by her backup team of supportive, if slightly chaotic and lively fairies! Well done to the fairies for really getting into their roles.

Fortunately Oberon (played expertly by Taylor) managed to restore the situation and everyone went home happy. Every child worked hard and with enthusiasm to make the play a truly magical performance. Congratulations to every child and thank you for a wonderful ending to the year.