Music Making This Term

This year the Music department is giving pupils some additional whole-class performance opportunities. We now have a class set of ocarinas, which were wonderfully showcased in our Infant & Junior Recital Assembly by our enthusiastic year 6 class. Ocarinas are accessible to all children and make a warm, mellow sound – an ideal choice for classroom learning! We have also bought a whole-class set of samba instruments which will be used by Year 8 to perform as a samba band. Samba is fantastic for developing rhythmic skills and embodied movement, and it also requires high-level team work. This samba band will be by far the loudest form of music making at Heritage!
As well as the more established choirs and ensembles, we also have two new groups that have started this term. Ukulele club on a Tuesday lunch time, led by Year 11 student Adele and Mrs Zurcher, and ‘A Cappella Singers’ on a Thursday lunch time, led by year 11 student Alexander and Mrs Zurcher. Anastasia in Year 11 is also in the process of forming a small chamber choir who will work on 4-part choral repertoire together. Any interested singers should speak directly to Anastasia.
We look forward to another term of enjoyment as we make music together at Heritage.