Philosophical, Critical & Creative Thinkers

Further to the cancellation of all public exams, Heritage has created a bespoke online programme of further study for our Y11 leavers.  With a shift in focus now to their A levels, the aim of the programme, (which started this week) is to help prepare pupils as independent thinkers. 

In addition to subject specific classes there are whole class sessions on ‘Thinking Philosophically, Critically and Creatively’. 

In addition to our senior school staff, Mr Fletcher and Dr Polly Ha will be delivering these sessions.  We are particularly grateful to Dr Ha for her contribution as she leads two seminars on Thinking Creatively.  Dr Ha has taught at the Universities of Cambridge, Southern California, and East Anglia. She has also developed and taught ‘New Smart Life’ seminars to secondary students across the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. She is an award winning academic, the author and editor of four volumes, and has a particular interest in studying ‘Rapid Historical Change’.

We hope that this course will provide a stimulating end to Year 11, inspite of all the interruptions they have so bravely had to overcome.

(The photograph shown was taken prior to lockdown.)