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Hooray for the HCA

The Heritage Community Association (HCA) is a vital part of our school, helping to build connections among families and supporting the work of the school through fundraising. The group is run by parents, but represents the whole Heritage community, and the building up of that community is what they do best. 

This morning, Mr and Mrs Fletcher—along with other Heritage staff and trustees—gathered to show their appreciation for the HCA committee members, class reps and other volunteers who give their time to support the life of the school. Mr Fletcher thanked the group for their part in building the Heritage community, pointing to its particular  importance following the ‘relational thinning out’ from the pandemic. ‘We are thankful for all of you’, he remarked, ‘because we cherish the relational life of the community and long to see it develop and revive.’ 

He also noted the generous donation of equipment and toys by the HCA earlier this year and the many ongoing fundraising activities, including the ever popular class cake sales that have recently resumed.  The current fundraising effort to purchase a new piano for the school and to support Amazing Grace School in Uganda will feature the eagerly anticipated summer fete on 18th June—an event that promises to be a fun and entertaining afternoon for the whole community.

Special thanks to our Bursar Mrs Buchanan for organising the event.

Photo Left to right: Mrs Fletcher, Mr Fletcher, Volunteer Tish Berkley, Y8 Rep Helen Alexander, HCA Co-Chair Rachel Bruins, Y4 Rep Rachel Proud , LP Rep Bev Mercer, HCA Treasurer Donal Lafferty, Y6 Rep Helen Orr, HCA Co-Chair Ellie Stoneley, Y5 Rep Cecilia Amies, UP Rep Vicki Grebe, Trustee Cat Meakin, HCA Secondhand Uniform Shop Volunteer Irenee Daly, Heritage Bursar Catriona Buchanan. Not shown: Y2 Reps Katie Wright & Annie Otter, Y3 Rep Deepthy Francis, Y7 Rep Jacky Hulett, Y9 Rep Vicky Green, Y10 Rep Sylvie Rigby, Y11 Reps Avril Monmont & Susie Cumming, Staff Reps Miss Lisa Irwin & Miss Helen Cage