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Only one chance to give them an education that inspires

Headmaster’s Welcome

Thank you for your interest in Heritage School. In the pages of this website you will discover a great deal about us. I hope you sense what is unique about Heritage as you consider whether it might be suitable for your child.

We are looking for families who share our vision, for parents who are interested in robust intellectual development, but not at any price. We are looking for parents who are committed to the vigorous but balanced growth of their children as whole people.

We have often heard it said that Heritage has a very special atmosphere. We hope you will come and experience it for yourself. Please fill in the form below, call or email the office to arrange a visit, or come to one of our Open Mornings.

I look forward to meeting you.


Jason Fletcher

Teaching children to be attentive to nature provides endless educational benefits. Heritage teacher Mrs Burden shares her ‘Wonder of the Week’ to give teachers, parents and children something wonderful to watch out for on their nature walks. This week, Mrs Burden talks about a tiny wayside flower, the Scarlet Pimpernel.

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