This year’s annual Spring concert, featuring all of our Juniors and Seniors, took place during the last week of term and once again showed the important place that music holds in the life of Heritage School. 

This evening’s choral performances included a wide-ranging assortment of musical styles, including a jubilant, finger-snapping rendition of ‘Rock Around the Clock’ performed by the whole Junior School to open the concert. Later came a charming performance of ‘Paper Moon’ by the Senior Choir, the Junior Choir’s stirring ‘I Believe’ and ‘The Lord Bless You and Keep You’, a lovely piece performed by the Chamber Choir. 

Each year group in turn also demonstrated the musical instruments they have been learning to play in their music lessons; Year 3 on glockenspiels, Year 4 on recorders, Year 5 on ocarinas, and Year 6 on ukuleles. The rhythmic Samba performed by Year 7 on percussion instruments, as well as the djembe drumming by Year 8, were especially exhilarating. 

Special mention must also be made of the four solo performances. Pip (Year 6) beautifully sang the ballad ‘A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square’ and Year 9 pupil Luke impressed with a powerful performance of Rachmaninoff, a composer known for the difficulty of his piano pieces. Emilie (Year 10) played an exciting and rhapsodic violin piece by Italian composer Monti while Head Girl Livia treated the audience to a lyrical piano solo by Fibich, a Czech composer. Instrumental ensembles were abundant and delightful, including three mixed Woodwind ensembles, a Recorder Consort, Saxophone Trio, Junior and Senior Strings, and an Orchestra. 

Perhaps the most beautiful sound of the evening, though, was hearing not only the applause of family members, but also the loud cheering by Heritage pupils after their classmates’ performances; a demonstration of both their support for one another and their appreciation of music. 

Congratulations to all of our Juniors and Seniors for such a splendid concert, and thank you to Mrs Zurcher, Mrs Lowe, Mrs Good and Dr Howell for all of their hard work in organising and preparing the pupils.

Spring Concert Retiring Collection

Wonderfully, £465.37 was raised at the Spring Concert toward AHBAP (, a Turkish organisation providing much needed help to communities in Turkey affected by the recent earthquake.  In particular, AHBAP have been providing shelters in the home town of a Heritage family who has been profoundly affected by this tragedy. If you have not yet given and would still like to do so, please make a payment online via our Heritage School Paypal collection page.