The Launch of Heritage Forest School

We are delighted to announce the launch of Heritage Forest School, to be led by Mr Catley (an expert in this field) as part of our Enrichment programme. Every Thursday afternoon for half a term, one class will be going to Abington Woods to learn forest based activities and crafts. Y4 will be our pioneers this half term with other year groups to follow.
Heritage has always placed a high priority upon getting pupils outdoors, to appreciate nature and engage with the real world. To these ends, Forest School is an extension of our regular Nature Walks and Annual Camps.
It will continue whatever the weather, (pupils will only require their school waterproofs and gumboots,) and we hope it will provide enormous fun. Our goal is to share with the children a delight and an enjoyment of nature, together with a new set of skills and a growing sense of responsibility for the great outdoors. We hope these values will stay with our pupils well beyond their school years and for the rest of their lives.