The Story of Charlotte Mason

Our school’s educational approach has been particularly inspired by the writings of Charlotte Mason (1842-1923), a British educator who believed in ‘a liberal education for all’. The Story of Charlotte Mason by Elsie Kitchen and Essex Cholmondeley tells how Charlotte, orphaned and poor at the age of sixteen, developed into an inspiring and original educational reformer.  Originally published in 1960, the book was reprinted in 2000 to meet a renewed interest in her vision and, when there were not enough copies available to meet the growing demand, another reprint was recently launched. 

In the foreword of this latest edition, our own Charlotte Mason Consultant Elaine Cooper writes, ‘A new generation worldwide is searching for an education that respects the personhood and development of the child within a clear framework, and one that points to a straightforward, but deeply satisfying enjoyment of life and learning. The Story of Charlotte Mason is thus an important book for understanding the thoughts, work and life of a remarkable late Victorian educator, a fine thinker and a much-loved friend, teacher and colleague. Written by those closest to her, The Story describes, like a fine painting, the colours, contours and creed of its principal subject in such a way as to make one quietly grateful for such a radiant life and legacy as hers.’

This reprint will be released on 25th November, and can be pre-ordered here.