Two former pupils return

Two of our former pupils have returned to Heritage before heading off to university.

Joanna left in 2018 to attend Comberton Sixth Form. She is currently working to help the school with its COVID-19 safety measures.

‘Since leaving Heritage, I have completed sixth form, where I studied a BTEC in Applied Science. I am grateful for the opportunity to help at Heritage where I spent so many years, and to be filling my time usefully for this first part of my gap year. After my gap year, I plan to study biomedical sciences where I have a confirmed place at university. The thing I miss most about Heritage is the unique community atmosphere, where everyone knows everyone and is treated as an individual. I also think Heritage gave me a better work ethic and taught me the importance of working hard (you reap what you sow) which was especially useful when I went to sixth form and had to be very self-motivated.’

Kane Blake left in 2018 to attend Hills Road Sixth Form College. He is currently back volunteering with our PE programme.

‘After leaving Heritage, I studied A level PE, Psychology and Drama at Hills Road Sixth Form, which was a great experience. It was a pretty different environment to Heritage, especially size-wise, but Heritage prepared me well for it. It’s great to be back at Heritage helping out with PE. I’m interested in the field of coaching/teaching, and I love being able to help people learn. But more importantly, I’m once again experiencing the sense of community that really is unique to Heritage. My current plan for the near future, after my gap year, is to apply for university to study Sport. The thing I’ve missed most about Heritage is the attitude to life and the importance of community that is so prevalent. This is definitely something I took for granted whilst here, but it is something that’s so important to remember. Although a small school can have its downsides, the emphasis on building one another up is so important and working together to reach success as a community. And I now appreciate the way that lessons aren’t just used to teach the subject, but also the vital skills needed for future life. I didn’t realise the importance of this until I left. And who doesn’t love Mr Fletcher showing us how to tile a wall in assembly!’