Championship Record for Head Boy at British Rowing Indoor Championships

Earlier this month, Head Boy, William Buchanan went to the Velodrome in London for the British Rowing Indoor Championships.  He competed in the Y 11 Boys Event – a race over 6 minutes during which he travelled 1,844 metres earning a magnificent 2nd place.  He later took part in the Junior Mixed Relay – a race over 8 minutes in which a team of 4 tries to go as far as they can.  William’s crew achieved 2,692 metres, setting a new championship record and winning the event.
William began rowing with the City of Cambridge Rowing Club two years ago.  He now rows in the GB Rowing Development Programme – GBR World Class Start.  He trains every day, with a mixture of weights, cycling, erging and training on the water in singles and occasionally doubles.  Seven times a year he goes to the Nottingham Rowing Lake for ‘testing camp’  for further tests on the erg,  on water and land.  His goal is to make the Senior Men’s Team and compete at the Olympics, hopefully winning gold!   We wish him many congratulations so far and every success going forwards!