World Book Day 2019

What an exciting World Book Day we had!

Pupils and staff throughout the school enjoyed dressing up as their favourite characters and the Infants and Juniors had a wonderful time in assembly admiring the various costumes. There was a vast range of interesting characters including popular fiction characters such as Hiccup the Viking and the Gruffalo as well as some real-life characters such as Corrie ten Boom and Harriet Tubman.   

There were across the school, a range of book related activities happening, including of course in the library.  Mrs Pilkington had her usual fun activity : Guess The Shredded Book, and each Junior class had a library session where pupils presented their ideas for a new book in the library.  After a secret ballot a book (or three) where chosen.   There was also a Book Worm Hunt looking for where a Book Worm had been spotted reading in different places around the school.  He was even spotted reading a book on the loo (!) and the children had a great time looking around the school for him. Many staff had a picture of a book they were reading at home on their doors to share the idea that reading is for everyone.  

We are also thankful to the parent volunteers who came into school at the end of the day to share their favourite books with the Infant and Junior classes. The children thoroughly enjoyed this and I am sure this is a new Heriatage World Book Day tradition we have begun.  Another highlight for many classes was the chance for a pupil to read to another pupil from another class and vice-versa.  This was such a special time loved many of the children.

Thank you for sending in your donations.  The Junior School Council plan to visit the bookshop before the end of term to use the money to buy the books each class selected.  

Here is a quick overview of some of the additional exciting activities each class did on World Book Day:

Lower Prep

In Lower Prep the children were drawing pictures of themselves in their costumes and writing a sentence about them.  They also made a special book mark using pictures of books, so they had a special memory of their first World Book Day at school.  

Upper Prep

The Upper Prep children were working in groups, as authors and illustrators making their own books.  They also shared a special time with Year 4 reading together.

Year 2

Forest School took on a World Book Day theme for Year 2 and the woods were transformed into an outdoor theatre. The children enjoyed making wooden tickets for the performance before either taking part in or watching the play – Cinderella!  Mr Catley showed the class how to cook popcorn over a camp fire (using a brilliant popcorn machine made from two metal sieves attached together) so the children enjoyed the show with a cone of popcorn in hand !

Year 3 had a really fun way of sharing a favourite book with the class.  They all placed their books in Mr Grinling’s ( Mrs Symon’s) basket and covered them with a tea towel. Each child then picked a book and the owner talked about it. A book review was then completed.   They also enjoyed sharing books with Year 5. During the Library session Year 3 also voted for a new book for the library.

Year 4

In Year 4 the highlight was looking for the Book Worm and dressing up.   They all enjoyed the opportunity to sketch each other in their costumes as well as their book reviews.  In addition, they loved reading with Upper Prep.

Year 5

Year 5 began the day with a Book Word Search. They had an extra library session to vote for a new book and excitingly all 3 books were equally voted for , so Mrs Pilkington agreed the class could have all 3 books.  They also enjoyed being with Year 3 to share books.

Year 6

A visit to Year 2 was enjoyed by Year 6 in order to share books.  They also had a lovely time in Art sketching themselves in costume.  They also shared some books from home with each other that they thought the class might enjoy.


The Senior school also enjoyed World Book Day with many pupils dressing up and starting the day with their poetry recitations during assembly.  A highlight was a Book Quiz hosted by Mrs Pilkington and Mrs Wren, with a range of questions including; Was Mary’s Little Lamb a boy or a girl?

We are now all looking forward to World Book Day 2020!