Year 11 Geographers in Hunstanton with Mrs Hulett

The Year 11 Geography class spent a very productive, fun-filled and rather wet two days in Hunstanton, as part of their coastal fieldwork for IGCSE Geography. They conducted three different studies during this time. The first was to investigate how beach characteristics change along a transect line, from cliff to sea. The students got to use a range of methods and equipment to capture and record their data. Their second study involved questioning locals and tourists about their opinions on the existing sea defences in Hunstanton. I was thrilled with the students enthusiasm and confidence in this task. We had a number of comments back from the public about how polite and lovely the children were. Finally, the third study was an eco-system one; examining sand dunes. This consisted of taking soil samples to work out the PH of the sand dune, as well as calculating infiltration rates, gradient etc. They also got to estimate the percentage of vegetation cover and to identify the different species colonising the dunes.

Some of the highlights of the trip (apart from the work of course) were swimming in the freezing sea; eating fish and chips in the sunshine after a grey, rainy day; and a lovely long walk along the promenade in the evening.

Now all the pupils need to do is present and analyse the data!