Year 4 Camp

There was great excitement in Year 4 as we left for the much anticipated annual overnight camp at Abington Woods. The week leading up to the camp had been particularly wet so we were delighted to find the clouds had cleared by the time we arrived on Friday morning.  Year 4 had been the first group to experience ‘Forest School’ back in September at Abington Woods, and were very pleased to be back.

First things first and the children quickly got to work putting up their tents. The afternoon was then spent designing and building trebuchets (a type of catapult) using woodland materials, learning the history and techniques of archery, as well as practising some basic orienteering skills. In the evening the children cooked their supper over the campfire and sang songs before snuggling into their sleeping bags. A hearty breakfast was hungrily devoured the following morning before packing up and heading home. The children are now very much looking forward to their longer Year 5 / Year 6 camp in the Peak District next year.  Mrs Eldridge