Year 5 Class Assembly: Forces

As a feature of Monday morning assemblies at Heritage, each year group will put on one class assembly a year. This morning, Year 5 was featured in the first class assembly — a welcome renewal of this Heritage tradition now that pupils from different year groups are once again able to meet together.

Drawing on the knowledge that they have been learning in their Science lessons, Year 5 performed a play about physical forces. During the performance, the pupils illustrated for their schoolmates a number of different types of physical forces including gravity, up-thrust, air resistance, and friction. This was followed by a musical number in which the pupils sang
‘Forces push and forces pull/ Speed things up or make them slow/ They can change the shape of something/ And the way it wants to go.’

The production wrapped up with a retelling of the ancient tale of Icarus and his fateful encounter with gravity, ‘which illustrates how important forces are.’ Indeed; poor Icarus! An
all around impressive first class assembly of the year and a job well done to Year 5.