Year 5 Take A Musical Journey Through Time

Year 5 put on their drama ‘Time Lord’ for family members at Panton Hall yesterday evening. The time travel adventure was a true crowd pleaser, and delighted the audience with plenty of catchy musical tunes and lots of famous characters from history. 

In the story, modern day children Harriet and Sam meet a Time Lord who takes them on an incredible journey into the past. However, danger lies ahead as the group encounters some fierce dinosaurs who had been accidentally released  from prehistoric times through the time portal, and are now trying to win back the planet.

During their adventures, the group meet up with a group of WWII evacuees, a saintly Florence Nightingale, a very hard of hearing Beethoven, and a fierce Queen Boudicca with her group of Iceni warriors.

The lively musical performances featured rapping dinosaurs, a smashing riff on Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, and lots of clever rhymes (including, impressively, several to match with ‘Boudicca’.)

After many weeks of preparations, the class delivered an exceptional performance. A gallery of Mr Hulett’s photos is available here.