Year 6 Independent Research Projects

During the spring term, Year 6 pupils were asked to research and prepare a project on a topic of their choosing as part of the Heritage Independent Research Project, a programme designed to create opportunities for self-directed  learning. The class then presented their findings at the start of the summer term.

The children chose a wide range of topics to investigate, including:

  • Is the increase in Cellar spiders resulting in the decrease of Giant House spiders?
  • What did cakes look and taste like through history?
  • What does the Greek Goddess Athena say about Ancient Greek culture?
  • Comparing and contrasting Chinese and Spanish styles of buildings, in writing and using a model

The wide range of topics and the excellent quality of the presentations demonstrated a diverse range of personal interests within the class, as well as plenty of hard work and independent thought taken on by each of the pupils. Last week, a special lunch time session provided an opportunity for the class to have a look at one another’s projects and discuss what they had learned with adults in attendance, which included Mr Fletcher, Mrs Fletcher, Mrs Pilkington and Mrs Parkinson. Pupils were presented with certificates and enjoyed some special treats to celebrate their hard work and learning.