Heritage Year 7 pupils perform in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

Year 7 Shine in Performance of Julius Caesar

This term, Year 7 pupils delivered a tense and thrilling performance of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. The play, set in 44 BC, explores the political upheaval triggered by Caesar’s declaration as ‘dictator perpetuo,’ sparking fear among Roman senators.

The production opened with a contemporary twist – a rap performance titled ‘Late Republic Paradise,’ set to the soundtrack of “Gangsta’s Paradise.” This creative introduction laid the foundation for a captivating whole-class rendition of Shakespeare’s renowned tragedy. Each  pupil skilfully delivered their lines with a confidence that not only demonstrated their understanding of the dialogue, but also illuminated their grasp of the broader narrative. All of this took place against the dramatic backdrop of stage scenery that transported the audience to ancient Rome. 

Mrs Burden, who directed the play, commended the pupils for the extraordinary achievement of performing so powerfully such a great measure of pure first folio Shakespeare–a rarity even for older classes. She also praised the children for their leadership potential, noting that the play was chosen especially to match their charisma and energy. ‘This school play is not just a little add-on to their academic learning,’ she said. ‘This play teaches them the rhetorical skills they need to appeal to people’s hearts and minds. And this will equip them, I pray, to be the leaders that we need in this world in the future.’ 

The acknowledgments extended to the behind-the-scenes contributors, including Mrs Lowe for her musical accompaniment, Mr Campbell for staging and lighting, and Mrs Watkins on the lighting desk. The collective efforts of each individual resulted in a truly extraordinary production.