Year 8 Drama Production: The Tempest

Last Thursday, Year 8 pupils delivered an enchanting and highly entertaining performance of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The story takes place on a magical island under the rule of Prospero, the rightful Duke of Milan, who was overthrown by a conspiracy between his brother Antonio and Alonso, King of Naples. 

The pupil-designed set and costumes, bursting with bright colours and vivid patterns, along with the music of pipes and a harp, created a delightfully dreamy ambience. The plot was moved along by Year 8’s excellent acting,  and energized by plenty of fun characters, including the tipsy duo of Trinculo and Stefano, and the cheeky sprite Ariel. Some of the merry moments also included a dance number set to the tune of a very recognisable 80s pop song, but with the lyrics: ‘We are living in an ethereal world and we are all ethereal girls.’ 

There was plenty of substance too. In her closing remarks, Mrs Burden praised the pupils for their talent, ideas and enthusiasm throughout the production. She also highlighted the theme of forgiveness demonstrated when the just and fair Prospero pardons those who have betrayed him, and the entire party prepares to set off for home. She asked the pupils to remember that, ‘Whatever the darkness out there, if they can learn to be forgiven and to forgive, there is hope and a future.’ 

Congratulations to the pupils for their hard work and outstanding performances, and to Mrs Burden for her expert teaching and direction. Additional thanks to Mrs Lowe for her very talented musical supervision and to Miss Pearce-Higgins for illuminating the set with lighting.