A Trip to The Globe

Year 9 spent an enriching day on London’s Southbank.  Starting with a picnic lunch in the sunshine by the Thames, they then spent the afternoon watching a fantastic performance of ‘The Merchant of Venice’ at The Globe. It was a touring production, involving a very talented cast who all played double roles with great skill.  Pupils found the funny parts hilarious, asking ‘Is it supposed to be that funny? Did they add bits?!’  and the serious parts dark and unsettling. We finished our afternoon with another picnic al fresco and a short browse around the Tate Modern, doing our best to interpret the most abstract of pieces.

A Review from Owain Williams, Y9

When we went to see ‘The Merchant of Venice’ in London a lot of the class were worried that they would just be bored for the entire performance. However, by the end, everyone admitted that they really enjoyed the whole thing. The play was funnier when performed on stage and the entire audience of the play burst out laughing multiple times during the performance.
Everyone in the class agreed that the highlight of the performance was the Prince of Morroco. The actress had a stunning accent which was only made more impressive by the fact that there were only eight actors and actresses in the entire performance playing the various roles. The troupe was also performing two other Shakespeare plays around the same time!
Everyone really enjoyed the play and hope we can have another school trip to The Globe theatre soon.