Heritage’s 4th Annual Screen Free Week

This week is an important event in the life of the school – and one we strongly encourage all families to be involved in:  Heritage Screen Free Week.  The idea is that after school, in the evenings, and throughout the weekend of 16-17 June, pupils and preferably the whole family, do not make use of any screens.  It is saying ‘no’ to: TV, movies, video games, any online activity on any type of device (tablets, laptops, phones, etc.).  It is saying ‘yes’ to: quality time with your children, books, friends, toys, sport, painting, music, climbing trees, bikes, writing a story, cooking, baking, board games, walks, museums, etc. That is, it is saying ‘yes’ to more space in your life to do other things, even to allow yourself and your children to feel bored!

The reason for holding our 4th annual Screen Free Week is to help us all think about our patterns of screen use, and to redress the balance.  Research (see e.g. the Ofcom website) tells us that screen-based leisure activity fills an average of 4-7 hours per day for children aged 3-15, and about 6 hours per day for typical adults. The amount of time spent reading is pitiful by comparison, not to mention the myriad of other healthy activities that are displaced by our excessive dependence upon screens for entertainment.

Parents have been invited to a Parent Information and Discussion Evening looking at screen use ; summarising some of the latest trends and statistics, looking at the issues raised by commentators and researchers recently and talking through strategies we can deploy as parents.
Teachers too have been encouraged to take the challenge!  Charlotte Mason advocates teachers growing in knowledge and broadening their relationships with things just as they expect their pupils to be doing.
We believe this is a wonderful opportunity to try to find ways to relax and unwind that don’t involve being on line, on social media or watching things.  We hope you will agree!