Thank You to our Key Workers

As the majority of our pupils are ‘Learning at Home’, we salute and thank the front line workers in our school community and also the Heritage staff enabling school to open for the children of these key workers.

This term, there are eight pupils on site each day.  Seven are from Infants and Juniors and they work in the Year 2 classroom.  There is one Year 8 pupil, who mostly works in the library but pops up and down to join in with things during the day. There are two staff at school each day on a weekly rota – maintaining consistency for the children.   Mr Fletcher is also onsite full time.

Pupils are following their Learning at Home curriculum at their own individual work stations. Once completed, they are able to enjoy the enrichment programme together with many other fun activities. Last week included some engineering challenges (for example building a water filter from Lego and designing a way to drop 20 blocks of Lego without them breaking apart) alongside some dragon related activities for St George’s Day!

PE lessons have covered a huge variety of skills including Joe Wicks workouts and Mr Hulett’s on line videos together with short tennis, dodge ball and short cricket.

Many thanks to our staff for also keeping this provision open in the holidays.  Children were busy playing Capture the Flag, hide and seek in the school (!) and many more games. The pupils themselves report that their favourite thing about being at school is having long play times together outside.  They all get along brilliantly well and play beautifully across the ages.  However, we know that they miss their friends and we all very much look forward to being back together soon.