Celebrating International Day

We all look forward to International Day at Heritage
and this year did not disappoint. Our International
Tuck Shop remained a highlight as pupils were able
to try food from around the world.
Infants and Juniors gathered at the end of the day for
a special assembly to share what they had discovered
about the country they had been studying.
Lower Prep had learnt about Italy. They had made
some delicious looking pizzas as well as beautiful
Venetian masks and threaded pasta
necklaces. Upper Prep were studying South Africa
and enjoyed listening to and making music and
colourful flags. They also demonstrated keen
linguistic skills as they shared some Zulu words they
had been taught by Mr Hulett and some Afrikaans by
Mrs Cubitt. Year 2 were looking at Denmark and the
legacy of the Vikings! They shared a time of Hygee –
talking about the things we love most, while drinking
hot chocolate. They made Danish heart basket crafts
and baked their our own aeblesciver!
Year 3 learnt about Georgia and made some very
detailed maps showing the various landforms. They
made khachapuri – cheese stuffed bread and learnt
about the 4 languages spoken in Georgia. In Year 4,
the children were studying Germany. They made
some fantastic puppets inspired by the stories of
Hans Christian Anderson. Mrs Scarlata also baked a
delicious apple strudel which was quickly eaten. Year
5 learnt about life in Kenya and enjoyed a visit from
Mrs Davies who shared her experiences of the
country. Year 6 had focussed on Scotland and
engaged in a lively debate about the existence of the
Loch Ness Monster. They also put their creative skills
into action making clay models of ‘Nessie.’
In the Senior School, pupils were able to come to
school dressed either, in the colours of a flag or in the
traditional dress of a particular country. A collection
was made with proceeds being given to Street Child
United, a charity which reaches out to children
surviving on the streets, around the world. Many of
the lessons throughout the day were also given an
international twist.