Celebrating World Book Day

World Book Day is a perfect fit for Heritage, celebrating what we love best : books!  Most of the pupils and staff arrived dressed as their favourite character from a favourite book and the day got started with a book themed assembly for Infants and Juniors, providing an opportunity for everyone to parade their costumes! A Where’s Wally quiz ran throughout the day and the whole school stopping what they were doing at 11am to read / look at a book quietly.   Book activities  were undertaken throughout the day including mask making for UP tying in with Where the Wild Things Are, spider cobweb weaving for Year 2 tying into Charlotte’s Web, baking gingerbread men for Year 3 tying in with The Gingerbread Man whilst Year 4 had fun making Kitty Lacey books linking to Kitty Lacey. 

Years 4, 5 and 6 worked in groups to plan a persuasive talk about a book they would like for the library. Each talk was then presented to Mrs Pilkington and the class,  and a vote was taken to choose the  favourite.  Year 4 chose Gold of the Gods by Bear Grylls, Year 5’s result was a draw (so they got both) First Class Murder by Robin Stevens and Cruel Kings and Mean Queens by Terry Deary.  Year 6 overwhelmingly voted for The Shapeshifter Series by Ali Sparkes.  All titles have now been added to the library – which is also now adorned with book bunting made by Year 3, with 10 word stories and pictures.

Pupils brought in a donation of £1 to give to Book Aid International – a charity which provides books to international communities which have few or no books to read.

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