Robin Hood – The Musical

Y5 gave two wonderful performances of Robin Hood in Panton Hall, delighting their audiences, both young and old. Accompanied by Miss Sahakian on the keyboard and Mr Catley on the drums – there was much toe tapping and jollity to be had by all.

Before the production, Betsy C (Y5) wrote:

“In this fabulous version of Robin Hood, you will meet a young archer and his band of Merry Men who travel around England performing, to make ends meet. But when the fair Maid Marion is captured by the cruel King John, the entertainers have to become real heroes and save her. You will absolutely love our performance of this legend of old. The story will hold the audience in silence with anticipation. The set will have your eyes ticking and by the end of the fourth song there won’t be a dry eye in the house. If you think you’ve seen good musical theatre you don’t know the half of it. Book your tickets now!”

Mr Catley said: “It was a joy to work with Year 5 to produce this wonderful play. All the children worked exceptionally hard as a team and each child gave an amazing performance. We were really grateful to Miss Sahakian for leading the music and for the super Year 5 parents for helping to find such splendid costumes. Mr Stokes also deserves our special thanks for setting up the blacks and lights. The class will remember this performance for many years to come, I think”

The play was written by Craig Hawes for MusicLine and was amended with kind permisssion.