C.U. at Heritage

Between 30-40 children come to the Junior Christian Union in The Hall every Wednesday and whilst eating lunch, we play a game – with a tenuous link to a Bible story or thought about God! This term, we are working our way through The Gospel Story, by watching a short section of the stop motion animation ‘The Miracle Maker’. Juniors are also invited to suggest ideas or themes that they might like to explore each term and everyone is very welcome! [Mr Catley]

The Senior Christian Union also meets weekly on a Friday lunchtime in The Hall. Last term we explored the topics of destiny, beauty and friendship using the resource ‘Table Talk’. We also looked at Mark 1: Good News and Ephesians 2: God’s Masterpiece. We were delighted to have two visits from Pete Alston of Lymington Rushmore holidays who led a study on ‘Identity’ and then came back later in the term to tell us all about Lymington Rushmore camps.

Numbers range from 10-40 (with popularity of a C.U. session being increased dramatically when food is on offer). We aim to create an atmosphere where all are welcome, doubts and questions can be raised and the truths learned can be practically applied to our lives.

This term we are looking at the Youth Christianity Explored course, using the SOUL DVD series, with breaks in the course for some outside speakers. With Year 11 particularly in mind – in this their final full term, our hope is that the SOUL course will help pupils to understand for themselves, the gospel that has inspired so much of what they have been part of at Heritage. [Mrs Pluke]