Heritage seniors working in the science lab

Cultivating Real-World Connections: Our Approach to Technology

We applaud the recent directive from the Department for Education to prohibit mobile phones in schools, citing concerns about their impact on attention, behavior, and well-being of pupils. The guidance urges a comprehensive ban throughout the school day, including break and lunchtimes.

At Heritage, we’ve long been pioneers in this realm. Since our founding in 2007, we’ve aimed to foster a unique culture where books, nature and real world activities are prioritised over screens. 

We recognise the value of technology in enriching lives, and integrate computer science into our curriculum to equip pupils with essential skills. However, we strongly maintain that boundaries are necessary, particularly concerning certain types of screen activities like excessive internet use, video streaming, social media engagement, and gaming.

The fundamental facets of our policy include the following:

  • Personal electronic devices are not allowed in school, except when necessary for learning. In the Senior school, If a phone is required for safety during independent travel, it must be checked in at the start of the school day.
  • Our approach to classroom learning is intentionally low-tech; we don’t provide iPads or tablets, and interactive whiteboards are not in use.
  • Emphasizing proactive pupil engagement, we prioritize cultivating a habit of attention, fostering high levels of focus for appropriate durations, especially through narration in the Junior School.
  • We offer pupils guidance on safe screen use through our PSHE curriculum, and work collaboratively with parents for a unified approach. Parents are invited to sign our Screen Use Agreement, outlining core and recommended commitments.
  • We provide avenues for digital detox, including an annual Screen-Free Week and the Check-in Tech Scheme, enabling students to take breaks from devices when needed.

Our screen use approach reflects our commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals capable of meaningful engagement with the world, fostering real-world connections, and embracing a balanced, fulfilling life.