World Book Day Delights for Infants and Juniors

Infants and Juniors kicked off this year’s World Book Day celebrations by proudly displaying their costumes during a festive assembly at the start of the day. Mrs Watkins then engaged everyone with a story ‘The Very Hungry Bookworm,’ authored by Year 6 pupil Jane, with  photography from Year 6’s Jane, Jessica, and Anna G. The tale humorously portrayed a bookworm’s escapades devouring teachers’ belongings until discovering the joy of reading good books, thanks to Mrs Pilkington’s suggestion.

Teachers also shared their favorite reading spots, revealing Mr Payne’s preference for reading by a fire, Mrs Grove’s enjoyment of her garden bench on sunny days, Mr Dalton’s adventurous reading spot atop a mountain, and Mrs Pilkington’s own fondness for (where else?) the library. Pupils also recommended their favorite books; among them Sam (Y6) who endorsed the Ranger’s Apprentice series, Alice (Y5) who recommended Impossible Creatures, and Zac (Y4) with While the Whales Came.

As a part of the day’s celebrations, black dots reminiscent of those eaten by the Hungry Caterpillar were hidden around the school for children to discover, collecting letters to unveil a hidden message: ‘Don’t eat books!’ Year 2’s classroom underwent a magical transformation into Narnia, while pupils in Years 4-6 engaged in a book bingo, sharing their favourite reads with friends. The day ended with older pupils pairing up with younger classes for a heartwarming shared reading session. And there was much more story-related fun to be had throughout the day. World Book Day at Heritage was, as always, a literary celebration to remember!