Coralie Bell

I graduated as part of the first Heritage GCSE cohort in 2016, and I’m currently a third-year medical student at the University of Leeds. Though COVID-19 proved a bit of a setback, I’ve had the privilege of being on placement throughout this academic year and have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities and challenges of medicine so far. I love the variety of experiences we are exposed to, as well as the social benefits of working in a diverse team and meeting new staff and patients every day an opportunity not many people have had over the last year.

After leaving Heritage at 16, I went on to study Psychology, Biology, Chemistry and Music at Comberton Sixth form. Alongside my academic studies, I  was able to pursue my enthusiasm for music and piano by accompanying the Heritage Junior School choir in their weekly rehearsals and performing in informal recitals with the sixth form Jazz band. I also enjoyed many other extra-curricular opportunities such as participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Gold award scheme, volunteering in the local residential home, weekly peer mentoring of younger students, and taking ballet classes.

Since starting university, I have enjoyed embracing new hobbies such as climbing and expedition medicine, as well as taking on a new vocational role as a carer for children with disabilities. I have also been on committee for Leeds University Christian Union, which has been a wonderful opportunity to grow and share my faith with others. I am extremely grateful for the breadth of experiences I’ve been able to embrace the past few years, and I’m a firm believer that taking on new challenges is one of life’s greatest joys. Being a student at Heritage school instilled in me a love of learning and a desire to make a difference. These values help me look forward to more than just a career, but a life in which I can continue to learn and help others.