Jed Beynon

Jed, a Class of 2017 Leaver, was at Heritage from Years 6 through 11.

After leaving Heritage I studied Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Geography at Hills Road Sixth Form College. From there, I went on to Cambridge University, where I’m now in my second year studying Engineering.

While at Hills Road I started rowing, which I loved and have continued since arriving at university. I’m currently the Men’s Captain of my college Boat Club. I’ve also been involved in the University Christian Union.

I have really great memories of my time at Heritage, both the friends I made and the teaching. Heritage set me up really well to be able to work independently, and helped me grow a real love for my subjects. Above all, this is what I appreciate most from my time at Heritage, and which has enabled me to find real joy in my continuing studies.