Kane Blake

Kane was in our 2018 graduating class.

After leaving Heritage, I studied A level PE, Psychology and Drama at Hills Road Sixth Form, which was a great experience. It was a very different environment to Heritage, especially in terms of size, but I think Heritage prepared me well for it. I was also on the leadership team for the Hills Christian Union and led the music team, which I absolutely loved.

I missed Heritage so much that I decided to come back for my gap year, this time as a Staff member! I have been volunteering with the PE department, now working as a PE Teaching Assistant. This has been a great experience before I head off to Nottingham Trent University in September to study Sports Science and Coaching, and then head into a Sports Coaching career. I’ve loved every minute of it (even in the pouring rain).

What I have missed most about Heritage is the attitude to life and community that is so prevalent; something I definitely took for granted whilst studying at the school. When learning at Heritage you don’t just experience high quality teaching for each subject; you are taught vital skills needed for the future in the real world. And who doesn’t love an assembly on how to tile a wall or sort out the plumbing by Mr Fletcher!